• 23rd & Union

    23rd & Union

    “23rd & Union” is a docu-drama that weaves real interviews with fictional characters to investigate the 2008 murder of Degene Berecha in the popular Seattle restaurant “Philadelphia Cheese-Steak”.

  • Blank Canvas

    The Blank Canvas: Hip-Hop’s Struggle for Representation in Seattle

    Filmmaker & Hip-Hop musician, Rafael Flores, conducted 6 years of research to create the original documentary about underground Seattle Hip-Hop culture.

  • Car-Scape

    Car Scape: The Scale of Sound & Color

    An experimental documentary that explores the landscape of car exteriors through the scale of sound and color.

  • Death (E)Scape - Thumb

    Death (E)Scape

    An experimental documentary and music video that explores the private landscape of death through the eyes of a floating spirit that roams around a cemetery looking for an escape from purgatory.

  • FearandLoathin

    Fear and Loathing in Seattle

    Scene study of the famous bathtub scene from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. This scene has modified dialogue and was re-interpreted to fit the drug-induced grunge scene in Seattle during the 1990′s.

  • G.E.A.R. U.P

    G.E.A.R. U.P. : Mind the Gap

    This is a freelance PSA produced for the national Gear Up program that also operates as a recruiting video for the national organization, which is associated with Ameri-Corps.

  • Jale1


    Jale is Spanish for “pull”, but also is Chicano/Mexican slang for “work”. The title also refers to the push and pull of immigration that draws Mexicans to the U.S. This film is an attempt to create a metaphor of the experience of day laborers and the Chicano community through the eyes of a Mexican day laborer named Fulano.

  • The Repatriation

    A Mi Matria

    An experimental documentary and political essay about a Chicano filmmaker escorting his Mexican grandmother from Tijuana to Newport Beach, California; the place she was unconstitutionally deported from 80 years ago during the U.S. sponsored effort: OPERATION WETBACK. Featuring poetry by United State Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, and award-winning poet Rigoberto Gonzalez.

  • The Scraper Bike King

    The Scraper Bike King

    A touching documentary about the original creator of the Oakland-based Scraper Bike Movement: Tyrone Stevenson Jr.

  • South of Tijuana

    South of Tijuana

    Runtime: 5 minutes Release Date: 2009 Written, Directed & Edited: Rafael Flores A comical web-short about two obnoxious gringas who are pestered by a Mexican vendor on a beach resort.

  • Justice for Alex2

    Amor for Alex

      "Amor for Alex" #BrownLivesMatter from United Roots/ Oakland PAYV Acad. on Vimeo.   Runtime: 5 min Year: 2015 Writer, Director, Editor: Rafael Flores Producer:  Ephraim Walker Director of Photography:  Stefan Ruenzel This video investigates the killing of Alex Nieto...

  • Color Correction Thumb

    Color Correction

    Runtime: 10 min Year: 2014 Directed by: Mike Hubbard & Rafael Flores Written by: Determination Media Group & Green Eyed Media Produced by: Galen Silvestri & Rafael Flores Faced with eviction, aspiring filmmaker Aaron Gates (a.k.a. “Lenz”) feels the pressure...

  • My People are Rising Poster  - bio pic

    My People Are Rising

    In an era of stark racial injustice, Aaron Dixon dedicated his life to revolution, founding the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968 at age nineteen. In "My People Are Rising", he traces the course of his own...

  • Immigration Turf Bio 2

    Immigration Turf

    Immigration Turf from United Roots/ Oakland PAYV Acad. on Vimeo. "Immigration Turf" is an experimental interpretive dance video exploring the issue of ICE raids on undocumented families. Based on a true story, "Immigration Turf" explores the daily life of Johnny,...

  • determination bio pic


    DetermiNation (Documentary) from United Roots/ Oakland PAYV Acad. on Vimeo. Documentary about the trails and tribulations of a young Black father (Dashawn Clinton) in West Oakland as he is supported by committed staff members from a non-profit Black Men's group...

  • Tears Bio

    Tears in Your Eyes

    "Tears in Your Eyes" Music Video from United Roots/ Oakland PAYV Acad. on Vimeo. Experimental Narrative Music video for: A.S.H.E.S. the Chosen - "Tears in Your Eyes" Part of the #NoMoreTears campaign, this story is about Denise is a young...

  • Candle icon

    Pixán: The Ghost of Góngora

    Pixán: The Ghost of Góngora from United Roots/ Oakland PAYV Acad. on Vimeo.   Duration: 4 min Writer, Director & Editor: Rafael Flores Production House: Green Eyed Media In collaboration with the Black Out for Human Rights Collective, UR Media...